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Do you have questions on roofing and siding repair? We've got you covered!

What makes Expert Contracting Inc the better choice for my project? 

We make sure your job is done correctly and efficiently the first time. We take great pride in our professionalism and capabilities and do NOT cut corners.

What can be some causes of a leaky roof?

A common cause is the age and quality of the shingles. Overtime, the shingles start to break down, resulting in roof damage. Another major cause can be water/ice damage in the winter. Overhanging trees can also cause your roof to become leaky, because it then allows moss to grow. Finally, missing shingles will cause a leaky roof. 
If you experience any of these, call us! We can help you decide if its best to completely replace. Starting fresh with all new material and the best warranty in the business,  GAF Golden Pledge, is the number one way to prevent future issues.

How long does a good roof job typically take to complete? 

It depends on the size and complexity, but it will typically take from two days to a week.
Is it necessary to replace roof flashing? 

Every situation is different, but usually if your roof is old enough to need replacing, than so is the flashing.

Why does the roof leak around the chimney? 

Sometimes it is because draining water will get trapped along the back side of a chimney, causing standing water and leaks. A chimney cricket should be built to help divert draining water from around the chimney base and improve roof drainage. Other times it is due to the condition of the chimney itself. Cracked bricks and missing/loose mortar create easy places for water to get in as well.

Why does the roof sheathing need to be replaced, can't you just go over what is there?  

If new sheathing is recommended for your roof, there are 2 answers for that. The first is that if the sheathing has deteriorated to the point where there are holes and rot on your roof deck, then the sheathing must be replaced for structural reasons. The second is that the new roofing products being installed need to have a reliable surface to be installed onto in order for you to get the full value and durability out of them. A roof replacement is a big financial investment and you should be confident in knowing you are getting the best value and longevity for that investment.

What kind of warranty do you offer? 

As a GAF Master Elite contractor, we offer the GAF Golden pledge warranty as well as the GAF Systems Plus warranty. The Systems Plus warranty guarantees all the material of your roofing system for the life of your roof. The Golden Pledge warranty is the best warranty out there because not only are the materials installed on your roof guaranteed for the life of your roof, but GAF also guarantees OUR workmanship for 25 years! 

More questions/comments? Email us expert.contracting.biz@gmail.com or give us a call today, (716)572-7303

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